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We offer user remote listing and full-service consignment options for an industry low 10% commission. The user remote listing feature allows collectors and dealers alike to list items on the website on their own. All you have to do is sign up for a FREE account, and you will be able to upload for sale ANY movie poster, lobby card, still or autograph to our website. Uploading, listing and removing an item is always 100% FREE, and you can keep the item listed for as long as you'd like. All items listed will be under your account, and you will receive a notification of every offer or Buy it Now (BIN) made on any one of your items. After registering for a FREE account, you will be able to log in and evaluate offers from buyers and choose whether or not to accept, or even make counter-offers if you prefer. The full-service consignment option will entail Buy Movie Posters, Inc. inventorying, photographing and uploading your posters onto BUYMOVIEPOSTERSINC.COM where they will be listed in the new arrivals section to be purchased. We will personally notify you through email of immediate sale or offers made on any one of your items. You get all of this for only a 10% commission (an industry low) meaning you will receive exactly 90% of the sale(s) price. We are one of the few websites that do not require exclusivity which means you can also list your items on eBay or other websites. If you have any movie posters, lobby cards, stills or autographs you wish to sell or consign, please don’t hesitate to contact Buy Movie Posters, Inc. Owner Andrew Rawls 310-870-3255 or email: All calls and information will be kept confidential for your protection.

What are the benefits of consigning your items through Buy Movie Posters, Inc.?

  • Uploading, listing and removing consignment items are always 100% FREE regardless if you use the user remote listing or full-service consignment option and you can keep items listed for as long as you'd like.
  • When your items sell through our website, we offer the lowest consignment rate in the industry at 10%. You get exactly 90% of the sale price (seller’s commission) of any consigned item(s) with no hidden costs. For example, if one of your items sells for $500 you will receive a cashier’s check from us for exactly $450 regardless of the payment method used by the buyer. There are no hidden fees, and you always make 90% of the total sale.
  • Using the user remote listing feature as the consignor, YOU are in total control of the sale.  After registering on our website (see "Register a New Account” at the top of the page), you will be able to upload and name the sales price on all of your item(s) and accept and field all offers made on any one of them by e-mail notification. Unlike other auction formats, there is no .99¢ “auction roulette” where you are gambling on the final sales price of your item(s). There are also NO starting or ending dates. You upload the items you want to sell and name the final sales price on all your item(s), and they sit on our website until they sell at a price you are comfortable and happy with. We do not require “exclusivity,” and you are allowed to list your item(s) on other websites or ask us to remove them at any time for free! No more expensive fees or submitting to the fascist regimes of eBay and playing by their rules. What a breath of fresh air!
  • We also offer a full-service consignment option. For the same industry low 10% commission Buy Movie Posters, Inc. will inventory, photograph, scan and upload your movie posters, lobby cards, stills, and autographs onto the website where they will be listed in the new arrivals section to be purchased by others. You get all of this for an industry low 10% commission!
  • Unlike some of the other major auction sites, on you never run the risk of being a victim of shill bidding, max bid run-ups or outbid by in-house auction employees or their owners. There is NO proxy bidding and all items sold through Buy Movie Posters, Inc. sit on our website at fixed prices until our consignors or we are comfortable at the selling price of the item. Selling items this way not only ensures the utmost integrity but also takes all of the “guessing” out of what an item should sell for. The buyer and seller should be equally happy about their purchase or sale.
  •  For over the last 12 years Buy Movie Posters, Inc. has sold and catered to high-end poster collectors and dealers all around the world. We have many contacts in the industry and an extensive list of clientele. Not only will your item(s) be heavily promoted by us, but we regularly make phones calls to potential clients on your behalf. Buy Movie Posters, Inc. also places a heavy emphasis on advertising through Google AdWords strategically creating tags and targeting words that will MAXIMIZE our website’s visibility; that way the items listed are sure to be seen by collectors and dealers alike all around the world!
  • Unlike 99% of all the other dealers and auction websites, this is NOT a full-time job or business for us. If we enjoy an item that we find or already own, we keep it for our private collection. We are not in this business "to make ends meet" or generate a primary source of income.  We are collectors and love helping others sell their movie related items; therefore we will always have your best interest at heart.

Q: How does the Buy Movie Posters, Inc. full-service consignment process work?
A: Contact us by email: or call 310-870-3255 about any quality items you wish to consign to the BUYMOVIEPOSTERSINC.COM website. We will ask you to email us pictures or scans and prices you are asking for all of the items you've agreed to consign. We will describe, inventory and upload all of your consigned item(s) free of charge. All items listed will be under your account, and we will personally notify you through email of immediate sale or offers made on any one of your items. As the consignor, you make exactly 90% of the total sales price regardless of what payment method is used by the buyer. We do all of the work while you relax and watch your items sell on our website.  You get all of this for only 10% (you receive exactly 90% of the sales price). If you have any item(s) you wish to consign, please call Buy Movie Posters, Inc. Owner Andrew Rawls 704-441-1097 or email us: We are here to help you maximize return on your items and want you to be pleased with the prices they’ve realized. Call us; we are here to help.  

Q: How do I list consignments on
A: To begin listing consignments on you must have first registered a FREE account.

Consignment Tutorial

Step #1: Login to your account

Step #2: Under the Related Pages tab, click on the word "Consignments."

Step #3: Click on the box “Add New Consignment.”

Step #4: Fill out the “User Add New Consignment” form and press Submit

Step #5: Your item will immediately go live on our website pending our approval.

Please Note:
All consignments are subject to approval. We may in our sole discretion require a consignor’s proof of ownership and the original bill of sale.

Q: How do I evaluate Offers made on my uploaded consignments?
A: When an Offer is made on one of your items you will receive an email from Buy Movie Posters Inc. notifying you that an Offer has been placed on your item.

Evaluate an Offer Tutorial:

Step #1: Click on the link inside the Buy Movie Posters Inc. email you received.

Step #2: Log in to your account.

Step #3: Choose whether you’d like to: Accept the Offer. Decline the Offer, or manually enter a Counteroffer.  The interested buyer will receive immediate notification of your decision.

Upon your item(s) being bought instantly through the “Buy it Now” feature or as the consignor accepting an “Offer” made by a buyer on any one of your item(s), you must ship your item(s) to Buy Movie Posters, Inc. within seven (7) days. Make certain the item(s), if flat, are wrapped securely between several firm layers of flat cardboard with plenty of extra newspaper or bubble wrap (filler). For additional security put all of the contents into an oversized box with lots of filler where they will not move or risk being damaged during shipment. If the posters you are shipping to us are rolled, go to a home improvement store and ask for PVC pipe. Tell them you need the PVC pipe cut 3 to 4 inches greater than the width of the poster you are sending to us, and they will cut it for you free of charge (for correct width see “Movie Poster Sizes” under “About Us” tab). For example, if you are shipping us an American One Sheet poster, you will need a PVC pipe measuring approximately 30 inches long. At the store, you can either buy the correct size PVC pipe endcaps or cut out a piece of cardboard and attach it to one open end of the PVC pipe using lots of tape. Make sure the end of the PVC pipe is extremely secure and closed off to prevent the poster from sliding out. Next, take filler and push it through the open end of the tube. Carefully put rubber bands around the poster making sure they are not overly loose or too tight and push the poster down into the PVC pipe making sure there is filler in-between one of the closed ends of the PVC pipe and the poster. Once the poster is pushed into the tube, put more filler on top of the poster and seal the pipe off using purchased or cardboard endcaps and lots of tape. Double check to make sure the ends of the PVC pipe are COMPLETELY sealed off. Upon receiving the item(s) from you, we will immediately notify you via email of their arrival.

Consigned items are shipped from Buy Movie Posters, Inc. to the buyer after the buyer has remitted full payment. A minimum of 14 days must pass after the buyer receives their purchase before Buy Movie Posters, Inc. can issue payment to the consignor. Buy Movie Posters Inc. will pay the consignor the sum of the final sales price realized of all items sold, less a 10% commission retained from the proceeds of the sale. Buy Movie Posters, Inc. will not issue payment to the consignor if the buyer gives notice of intention to rescind the sale, or any other legitimate claim relating to the item, within the return period as noted under the “Terms and Conditions” section of the Buy Movie Posters, Inc. website. All payments issued to consignors will be made through cashier’s check and drawn in U.S. funds.