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Grading and Condition

The grades and conditions shown below are those that have been used in the industry for many years. Please note that all grades assigned to posters are before restoration.

A poster never unfolded and displayed in theaters. A virtually flawless specimen that may show only the slightest signs of handling and aging. A mint poster has no rips, tears, pinholes or missing paper.

A poster that may have been sparingly used in theaters for only a short period. A near mint poster is bright, vivid and may show just the slightest bit of wear. There may be a few small tears and pinholes, but no paper is missing.

A poster that is clean and bright with good color. A very fine poster may have light cross-fold separation and wear. There may be small pinholes and tears but no missing paper. Posters graded up to Very Fine condition may be linen or paper backed.

A poster that exhibits bright color and sharp appearance. There may be pinholes, tears, small paper loss, and cross-fold separation.

A poster that was thoroughly used during the campaign for the film.  A very good poster may have staining, pinholes, paper loss, fading, and cross-fold separation. A very good poster shows above average usage.

A poster that shows heavy usage. A good poster may have medium to large sized tears and areas of the paper that are missing. There may also be staining, fading, cross-fold separation and pinholes scattered throughout the poster.

A poster that shows significant signs of usage. The poster may be torn entirely, heavily stained and brittle throughout. There may also be large pieces missing.

A poster that is incomplete, heavily worn and shows significant signs of wear. Poor posters are in the worst possible shape and usually are missing some part of the image. Depending on the severity of damage the poster may or may not be salvageable.