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Movie Poster Restoration

Linenbacking, paperbacking, and gelbacking (also referred to as gel sizing) are all preservation techniques used by restorers to make posters more presentable and or provide a level of conservation to extend the life of the poster should it show signs of wear or aging.  The process is usually accompanied by what's commonly referred to in the industry as "fold-line touch up" meaning water-based, soluble, acid-free colored pencils are used after backing to conceal folds or creases and give the poster a more complete and artistic look.  The process if done correctly by a trained expert is reversible and repeatable and can in some cases increase the value of the poster by returning it to its original form.  The vast majority of the oldest and most valuable posters in the world have at some point been linenbacked to preserve them into the foreseeable future.  Larger movie posters printed on cheaper paper such as One Sheets, Three Sheets, and Six Sheets are typically linenbacked while paperbacking and gel sizing are reserved for posters on thicker cardstock such as Window and Lobby Cards.  If you have questions about the preservation of your movie posters or wish to have your posters professionally linenbacked please contact us.